“A Dean’s Dilemma: Selection of Students for the MBA Program”

Read the case study A Dean’s Dilemma: Selection of Students for the MBA Program by Dhimant Ganatra, Dinesh Kumar Unnikrishnan. You will access the case via “Assessments Individual Project” on Moodle.
You, as a business analyst, are required to develop a preliminary analysis report for the Business School at Jain University. Your report should address the following issues:
• Summarise the key issues that the Business School is facing with supporting explanations and evidence.
• Where do you see the potential value of using business analytics techniques (i.e., descriptive, predictive) to solve the issues that you identified in Q1? Please describe each technique and its potential value to solving the issue identified, and justify your choice.
• What data variables would you need access to for any analytics approach you recommended in Q2? Please explain the reasons for selecting those variables.
• What are the ethical issues that need to be considered prior to building analytics model(s)?

Type of assignment: Report

Subject: Finance

Pages: 4/1100

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