Accounting and Finance

On successful completion of your MBA, you have recently joined the management team of a new company FreshFields Foods, a small UK company producing organic vegetables, with a turnover of less than £100,000, which grows and sells Bramley apples.  Knowing that you have some knowledge of accounting and finance, your boss has asked you to conduct a CORE analysis of whether or not FreshFields Foods should enter into a business arrangement with Sainsbury’s plc as a supplier of the SO Organic range. Your boss has suggested that your analysis, which should be presented in REPORT FORMAT, should focus on the financial performance and position of Sainsbury’s plc over the last four years using data from the Annual report and financial statement(containing data for the year ended February 2020 and 2019) and the Annual Report and Financial Statements 2018’ (containing data for the year ended February 2018 and 2017).

Part (b)

Your boss has also asked you to consider how the various management accounting/financial management techniques which you have studied as part of your MBA programme are currently being used within Sainsbury’s to help them manage their business. Your boss has asked you to report on two such techniques.  You should draw on any evidence from the Annual Reports and Financial Statements plus any other documents produced by Sainsbury’s to substantiate your discussion.

Moon, P. and Bates, K. (1993) Core analysis in strategic performance appraisal, Management Accounting Research, 4, 139-152.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Finance

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