Topic: Action Plan – UN’s global “Sustainable Development Goals

develop a proposal (an “Action Plan”) for addressing a social problem, one consistent with the UN’s global “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) Simply put together a one or two page (in WORD) outline for your plan.

Your team’s “Action Plan” will be the bases for a final oral presentation and written paper. The outline and Action Plan should include:

I. Name of Action Plan

II. Connection to one or more of the UN SDGs (and discuss the “target points” of the SDG)

III. Identify and discuss the problem and challenges

IV. Goals of your Action Plan and importance

V. Details of your team’s action plan (how will you address the issue: creating an organization, budget and costs, public awareness, working with existing organizations, changing laws…)

VI. Time line

VII. 15 sources

Here is a link to the UN’s SDGs:

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