Allscripts electronic health record

This project will be about Allscripts electronic health record (EHR), bear in mind that the number of healthcare providers, needs of your practice, e-Prescribing software, automatic billing, scheduling features, and others may influence your choice. Besides the initial EHR costs, there are hardware, implementation, training, and maintenance costs to consider when purchasing a new system.

•Why you chose this system to review?​

•Web vs client/server?​

•What is the initial cost?​




  • Ease of use?

•e-Prescribing software?•automatic billing?•scheduling features?

•EHR practice specialty templates •On-going support for providers •Live person? •Email? •Automated response?

Why did you decided to choose this particular EHR Systems?] •[Provide at least five rationales for your decision. Again, a right-fitting electronic health records (EHR) systems not only will make your practice more efficient but there are government penalties and incentives in place to encourage physicians and entrepreneurial nurse practitioners to adopt EHR systems]

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Nursing

Pages: 3/825

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