Art Logistics project

It should be a short, reflective analysis (500 words)
Just key information for the task (packing, transporting, budgets, displaying
like arrangement, lighting, wall colours etc.)
You are to assume the role of an international fine art shipping organisation based in London. Your project is to analyse the logistical capacity to temporarily import three cultural objects from a variety of international and domestic locations for temporary exhibition at a public-sector museum based in London. The task is to provide a short reflective logistical and operational report of how you propose to successfully locate, pack, transport and display your objects in a specified location within a forth coming exhibition in the most efficient, cost-effective and safeway.
Creatively consider the thematic nature, size, and location of the exhibition in which your objects will be presented, including the specific positioning and relationship to other objects within the room.
Aim to source your objects from a range of locations and commercial or noncommercial contexts, including auction houses, dealers/galleries, art fairs, online marketplaces and national and international cultural institutions.
Please provide links and sources where you found relevant information.

Type of assignment: Research paper

Subject: Business

Pages: 2/550

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