Topic: Before the Ethical Dilemma business essay

Paper 1: Before the Ethical Dilemma: Defining the Source of Your Ethical Beliefs
You will be asked to define what the Bible says about Business and about ethical practices. You will also be asked to determine your Ethical Point of View reviewing the various major ethical positions from Chapter 1. Your beliefs guide your behaviors and frame principles and values by which you live. Beliefs generally stem from your culture and environment, a creed or code to which a person adheres, the way you view your world (paradigm) and things which you have been taught. Your beliefs frame your attitude and your actions towards others – so from where do they come? This assignment is meant to guide you through this process.

There are five parts to the assignment:

Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4 of this first Paper:
Define your personal beliefs by following the Four Dimensions of your Personal Belief System
[adapted from “The Four Dimensions of Leadership,” Blanchard, K. H., & Hodges, P. (2005). Lead like Jesus: Lessons from the greatest leadership role model of all times. Nashville, TN: W Pub. Group.].

** CRITICAL – You must identify any sources which you cite as foundational to your beliefs!

Part 5 of this first Paper:
As another part of the Examination Process above, students will examine each of the ethical viewpoints from Chapter 1 (3rd ed) (1-2 sentences each), and compare these ethical viewpoints to their own above-stated “worldview” or personal belief system. How do these ethical viewpoints compare and/or contrast with your own above-stated beliefs about ethical behavior?
Summarize each of the ethical viewpoints from Chapter 1 (1-2 sentences each).
What are the potential weaknesses of each viewpoint (1-2 sentences each)
Which is closest to your viewpoint? Compare two or three viewpoints to your own (How / Why)

Since this paper reflects on things that you’ve learned from your family; from exposures to other sources; and from things that you have learned and believed as you’re grown you will need to try and identify those sources as best as you can. Since most of this paper is from your own perspective it will mainly be in first person unless you’re talking about what others have said about you. The deliverable ultimately will be the starting point for your ethical decision making model. How do you view ethical issues based on your beliefs; and how will you make ethical decisions based on your values?

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Business
Pages/words: 3/825
Number of sources: 5
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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