Body Image Psychosocial care

Discuss critical application of Price model of Body image in Tanya’s care.

Scenario 1: – Body Image
Mrs Tanya Watkins attends Eye clinic with thyroid eye disease which is affecting her sight and appearance. She is unaccompanied, feeling frightened and anxious about her protruding eyes. She hides her face by wearing a scarf, and does not maintain eye contact with the healthcare practitioners. This is her second visit to the clinic for a review of her dry eyes and corneal lesions .
Additional information:
• Age: 43
• Work: Receptionist in NHS
• Married with 1 teenage daughter
• Lives in own house
• Not socialising for past 6 months due to appearance
• Has become depressed and isolated

Focusing on the psychosocial problems / issues of the patient . Explain how you will Apply the Psychosocial Theory to support your patient

4. What insights can you draw from the article you have read / and how do these insights apply to your patient

5. Explain briefly why psychosocial theory is important as part of the ophthalmic nurses’ role

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Nursing

Pages: 5/1375

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