Briefing paper law essay

This assessment requires you to write a briefing paper for the FAiCT agency, based on
the case provided to you. The assessment is the culmination of the research
and analysis of the topic and development of recommendations and professional
The purpose of this task is to:

  1. Develop desktop research skills on a topical criminological matter
  2. Develop professional writing skills
  3. Develop group management and evaluation skills
    The unit learning outcome(s) assessed is/are:
    LO 1,2, 3, 4, 5
    Welcome to the Federal Agency for Investigation of Corporate Transactions (FAiCT).
    You are about to undertake an assessment program as part of
    the application process for the position of the associate investigator with FAiCT. The
    application process requires you to undertake a series of tasks at the FAiCT offices
    during your induction period. The purpose of these tasks cumulates in your briefing
    the director of FAiCT on a specific allegation of Corporate crime.
    From a set of facts supplied to you, you will use the case study scenario and
    your checklist (from Assessment 1) to write a briefing paper for the Director of FAiCT.
    Develop a briefing paper (in the form of a report) based on:
    The case provided to you, and your understanding of the facts of the case
    Your research, based on your understanding of relevant legislation, readings on
    corporate crime and precedent cases.
    Your analysis, supported by your understanding of the above plus your checklist
    (from Assessment 1). You should also address other ideas from the course, such
    as Corporate Social Responsibility, criminological theory and the social
    consequences of the scenario.
    Your recommendation of what FAiCT should do:
    Individual or Corporate liability
    Civil or Criminal routes
    Referrals to other Agencies

Type of assignment: Report

Subject: Law

Pages: 8/2200

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