Business dining Etiquette essay

Watch the following three parts of the video related to business dining etiquette. Each takes about 10 minutes. You can watch them all it once (approximately 30 minutes total) or you can stop between each part to answer questions related to that section.

Here are the links:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Watch Video: Part 1 and answer the following questions:

1.   What is the very first thing you do after sitting down at the table?

2.   What does BMW help you remember related to dining?

3.   Explain the differences between Continental style dining and American style dining? Do you have a preference?

Watch Video: Part 2 and answer the following questions:

1.   How can you signal the end of a meal (American Style)? What is a “tine”?

2.   Give three examples of poor food choices and three examples of safe food choices when at a business meal.

3.   When asked to pass the salt and/or pepper, what is the proper method?

4.   Where does your napkin go when excusing yourself from the table? Why?

Watch Video: Part 3 and answer the following questions:

1.   What is recommended for proper dining etiquette when eating olives with pits?

2.   What is recommended (and not recommended) for proper dining etiquette when you have some food caught in between your teeth?

3.   What is proper etiquette regarding cell phones when at a business lunch/dinner?

4.   How many alcoholic drinks should you limit yourself to at a meal, an after-hours event, or business function with coworkers?

5.   Describe the proper handshake.

Personal Reflection

Did you feel that watching this video was helpful and educational? What information did you find the most interesting and/or new for you to know? Would you recommend that this assignment be used for classes in the future?

Type of assignment: Coursework

Subject: Business


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