Business Law – Consumer Protection

Critically analyse the impact of the pandemic on consumer rights with reference to legislation and case law. You can consider any consumer problems. Use as many Havard references as possible. Research and evidence based. Pick one area that you would like to research for the essay. Explain the problems that consumers are facing in this area, Give an
overview of the problem and then say what aspects you will evaluate. Look for the law in the particular area that you have chosen, so for example under rentals, research what the law says, quote the law and sections that are relevant to the issues you have highlighted in the introduction.

To conclude – You should bring together any arguments you have had in favour of the consumer and those for the business, ensure you have considered the perspectives of all the parties concerned and that this is an unusual pandemic which has not happened in our lifetimes. What are the possible steps forward to resolve the outstanding issues you have analysed, does not need to be a long list just a few suggestions backed with evidence of what the consumer should be entitled to in this difficult time.

Type of assignment: Research paper

Subject: Law

Pages: 4/1100

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