Topic: Business Report – E Business

Term Project Guidelines

For this term project, you will create a full business report on the topic of E-Businesses. You will have two options for this project:

Create your own fictitious E-Business
Choose an existing E-Business

If you choose to create your own E-Business for this report, you must ensure that you make realistic and reasonable assumptions based on research and state them in your report. If you choose an existing E-Business, you must ensure that all your facts and research is credible and evidence-based.

The following is a guideline for how you may want to organize your report:
Table of Content
Executive Summary
An executive summary is a summary of the entire report that allows the reader to become acquainted with the material quickly
It should be 1-2 paragraphs long
Introduction about the company
Give a short introduction about what the company does, which industry it is in, where it is based, etc.
Describe their Mission Statement
Describe their Company Vision
Describe their Services and potential USP (Unique Selling Point- the key differentiation from other companies)
Describe their Business Model in detail (B2B/ B2C)
Drivers of E-Business adoption in organization-
Why their e-business is successful
What contributed to their success as an e-business
Environmental factors
Social factors
Economic factors
Product-specific information that makes their business more attractive to consumers
E-Business Revenue Model
Value Proposition
Revenue Model
Online Marketplace Structure- should include different types of market segmentation that are applicable to company. Examples of this are geographic, demographic, psychographic, and more.
Revenue Generating Strategy- product details, price of their products (or main product), location, promotional strategies (marketing strategies)
E-Business Platform/Infrastructure
E-Business Application Service
What ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System they use and how
What CRM (Customer Relationship Management) they use and how
IT uses for E-Business application
Web Technology features and Software Applications that they use
Web Content Management Strategy
Digital Strategy for E-Business: The main purpose of this section is to show how E-Business complements their company mission, vision, and corporate strategy
Describe their corporate strategy and explain how E-Business is a good choice for their business model or how it enhances their business
SWOT Analysis
Summary of SWOT analysis which clearly shows competitor analysis, situation analysis, and overall market positioning
E-Business Security
List 5 IT Security Risks
Explain how they are a threat
Explain ways to mitigate/prevent the threat
Summarize your above work and show how everything comes together
Remember to tie your work back to the company Mission Statement and Vision
Works Cited

You are more than welcome to add/remove sections as per the business you choose but please remember that we expect this report to be thorough. Regardless of which option you decide for this report, you will have to include properly formatted in-text citations and a works cited.

Most of the business terms you see in the guideline above are commonly used. You are expected to research the term definitions if you do not know them and if they are still unclear you to you, you can reach out to Professor Rahman or Karan (Teaching Assistant) through email. Additionally, there will also be two help sessions for any clarifications/guidance on the project.

Acceptable fonts : Arial or Times New Roman
Size : 12pt

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Report
Subject: Business
Pages/words: 27/7425
Number of sources: 5
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: MLA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: CA English

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