Topic: Care of a patient nursing critical essay

This assignment is a worksheet and DOES NOT require introduction or conclusion.

Please see attached Patient scenario.

Word count for this worksheet is 2000 words.

Read the Scenario about Emma (the patient) and provide answers in sections A, B and C from nurse’s point of view. What would be the first line of care for Emma?

Apply knowledge and understanding of pathophysiology and pharmacology related to the patient in the scenario.

Demonstrate patient assessment skills and ability to plan evidence-based care that takes into consideration the patient’s full condition.

Answers must be in full sentences and paragraphs and you need to demonstrate knowledge of appropriate national and international guidelines which relates to patient’s care.

Apply theory and use critical reasoning in your discussion.

Use references to support your discussion. Use Harvard referencing.

A) In the first part of the worksheet:

You need to interpret the observations assessed on admission of Emma to A&E and identify what are the nursing priorities for Emma’s care. Use the A, B, C, D, E approach when identifying nursing priorities. You need to consider her current condition and potential further deterioration and how this could be managed. Consider Emma as a whole person, take into consideration everything you know about her and not just her presenting condition. Use references to support your discussion

B) In the second part of the worksheet:

Provide a rationale for the care you have suggested in part A

Use the pathophysiology of liver failure and understanding Emma’s overall condition.

In this part refer to relevant pharmacology and refer to appropriate national guidelines.

Use references to support your discussion.

In the next part of the worksheet, you need to consider the change in Emma’s condition:

Despite being stabilised initially Emma’s liver function continues to decline causing an ongoing deterioration in her condition that progresses to end-stage. Six weeks after her admission Emma dies because of liver failure.

C) Discuss the nursing management of Emma during this time.

Consider the likely symptoms of end-stage lever disease and principles relating to end-of-life care generally.

Discuss what referral options are available for managing Emma in her final days and what support might be available for Emma’s family after her death?

Use references to support discussion.

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