Careers development essay

PLAN the overall programme of career development work, in consultation with others. JUSTIFY how the various components of the programme of career development work form a coherent whole. THE PLANNING PROCESS. Development planning looks at:

 Where the school / college is now

 What changes need to be made

 How these changes will be managed

 How success in managing change will be identified

The development plan should:

 Focus attention on the aims of education

 Bring together all aspects of a school’s / college’s planning

 Turn long –term vision into short – term goals

 Give teachers/lectures greater control over the nature and pace of change.The process of planning:

 Increases teachers’ and careers guidance advisers confidence

 Improves the quality of staff development

 Strengthens the partnership between teachers, governors and careers service

 Makes it easier to report on the work of the school/college and its partners


 The legal framework in which you are working: National Curriculum and other statutory requirements

 The school/college’s aims for Careers Guidance

 The school/college’s Careers Education curriculum

 How the Careers Education curriculum is managed and resourced

 How staff development supports the Careers Education curriculum


 Setting priorities and defining criteria for their successful achievement

 Deciding how to manage and implement the priorities

 Implications for the budget

 Collating everything into the school/college improvement plan


 Drawing up an action plan detailing tasks, responsibilities and timescales

 Supporting the process through monitoring and evaluation.Law (2000, How to Coordinate Career Education- maximising impact) says in Building teams Looking at REVIEWING STAKEHOLDERS.DEVOLVE responsibilities and delegate tasks to colleagues within and educational setting involved in career development work, justifying the decisions taken. You are expected to explain the process and comment on how you

• have consulted with others, both from within and outside of your organisation – state the agencies

• delegated tasks to others and how you have supported staff in the process.

• considered and monitored the resources you need to use and the allocated budget. (e.g. IT, rooms, curriculum, time, teaching materials, employers). Maintain an overview of colleagues and resources used in the delivery of career development work

Monitor and support staff in the delivery of career development work. Prepare and account for budgets for career development work. Comment on

• how you decided which responsibilities and tasks to delegate

• how did you brief those people

• how did you maintain an overview of colleagues and resources

• how do you monitor

• how do you prepare and account for budgets

• Force field analysis offers a strategy to do through reviewing the situation and the people involved in a structured way.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Education

Pages: 4/1100

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