Topic: case scenario nursing essay

Instruction for the case scenario

This assessment will require you to demonstrate an understanding of clinical deterioration and how to accurately escalate the care to prevent and treat patient deterioration.

1 3000 words Essay level 5 write

2.INTRODUCTION:(max 200 words)

A) Summarise the scenario linking to the learning outcomes (the learning outcomes are the follower)
1.Critically discuss the pathophysiology related to acute change in an individual health (LO1)
2.Early recognition of clinical deterioration through accurate interpretation of clinical information.
3.Accurant understanding of the physiological signs and symptoms of clinical deterioration
4.Compare and contrast a range of tools or approaches used to assess those patients at risk of clinical deteriotation and therapeutic interventions implemented to ensure timely and appropriate ,management of those at risk of clinical deterioration(L02)
5.Critical reflect upon the psychological and social effects of acute illness on the patient their family or carers and reflect upon the implications of the ethical and legal issues that surround the care of acutely ill patient(LO3)
B. Provide context such as prevalence ,mortality and morbidity figures gest UK figures please

C. Present a summary at the end of the introduction as to what is to follow in the rest of essay

Main body ;

Part 1.(600words)(LO1-2)

Analyse the findings of ABCDE assessment and symptoms analysis
a)Analyse the patients signs and symptoms assessment.
b)Describe what the normal values are and how these deviate from the norm.
c)Ensure you used professional terminology so for example if the heart rate is elevated refer to this as (tachycardia)
d)Calculate an accurate NEWS2 (gest uk news2 used please)and explain the severity of the patient condition
e)Explain escalation and the method you would use to communicate this to
f)SBAR tool
g)Include who you would escalate to and why


Critically discuss the underlying pathophysiology
a)This should include discussion of the cause of admission
b)Physiological responses (compensatory mechanisms like kidneys ,liver )
c)The effects of the underlying pathophysiology on organ function

Part 3.(600words)(LO1)

Critically discuss the nursing and medical interventions and medical interventions required to manage the condition.
a)Identify the ;priorities of care
b)The key interventions this is to follow the ABCDE approach
c)Make recommendations what a nurse can recommend based on evidence to manage the priorities of care
e)Demonstrated awareness of :patient -centred care incorporating the role of the family ,psychosocial impact of acute illness on the patients and their families
f)Compassion in practice and holistic care
g)MDT working
h)Implications of the ethical and legal issues that surround the care of the acutely ill patient


a)Summarise key learning points

REFFERENTE please they need to be Harvard styles
PLEASE USE FOR REFFERENCE the follows and you can add few more but please they need to gest British resources

6.ROYAL COLLEGE OF physicians 2017
7.TAIT,BARTON Acute and critical care in adults nursing

Scenario 2

Sarah Agarwal a 20 year old university student has been transferred to the medical admissions ward from the accident and emergency department. Her mother reports that she has a 3- day history of flu like symptoms, a productive cough and fever. She has been transferred to the high dependency unit with type 1 respiratory failure due to bacterial pneumonia. She is restless and confused. Sarah weighs 60kgs. Her doctor diagnosed her with sepsis.

Initial Observations

Airway –Sarah is talking in complete sentences

Breathing: Respiratory rate of 30 breaths per minute.
Self -ventilating on 40% of Oxygen with a normal face mask
SPO2 is 92%
Crackles sound is heard in the base of lung on examination

Heart rate of 118 beats per minute, sinus tachycardia
Blood pressure of 102/50 mmHg
C-reactive protein (CRP) 150 mg/dl
White cell count is raised
Urine output – 25 ml/hr, 18 ml/hr and 10mh/hr for the last three hours
Capillary refil time (CRT) is >2

Disability: Temperature 38.8o C
She is lethargic and disoriented

Exposure: She has a dry mouth and cracked tongue.

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