Topic: Characteristics of Healthcare managers

Reflect on what you have learned in your coursework.

In a 2 page essay, answer the following questions:

What key characteristics do healthcare managers need in order to be successful in their roles?

How are these characteristics different from a non-healthcare-related management position?

Support your opinions with evidence from your prior learning experiences, and external, peer-reviewed sources available through the WCU Library. You may cite particular courses or readings from prior coursework in your paper.

Your paper should be 2–3 pages in length and follow current APA formatting and citation


Health Services Management: Cases, Readings, and Commentary – 180 Day Option (10th ed.)

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Term paper
Subject: Nursing
Pages/words: 2/550
Number of sources: 5
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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