Focuses on methods of intervention, including techniques used with diverse populations and situations. Emphasis on counselor ethics and legalities, crisis intervention and intervention techniques for various common client concerns.

Create a personal ethics plan. The plan will include:

1. A self-assessment indicating specific ethical issues of most concern. These concerns need to be as specific as possible and should be matters of some depth, not superficial or general such as “I am afraid I will say something wrong.”

2. A clearly articulated method for avoiding the potential ethical violations. What will you put in place to ensure that these violations do not occur?

3. A resource section which lists the student’s professional ethics mentor, resources for finding out about ethics, resources for handling legal questions, the course of action to be taken if an ethics charge is brought against the student, the course of action to take if required to appear in court or be involved with the legal system.

Type of assignment: Coursework

Subject: Psychology

Pages: 4/1100

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