Clinical Journal research paper

describe the attainment of course objectives and individual objectives,
describe the clinical experience in a SOAP format, reflect on the experience, including skill development, empathy and ethical dilemmas, demonstrate links between theory, research and practice (theoretical and evidence based note)

demonstrate clinical decision making and consider the varied aspects of the nurse practitioner role.

The journal should start with the student name, date and clinical setting. The entry should refer to specific course objectives. You do not need to repeat information you will be providing in other SOAP notes. The journal entry should include both your subjective evaluation of and feelings about clinical practice as well as theoretical, research and clinical journal sources to support your assessments, diagnoses, plan, intervention and evaluation (professional sources). Be selective in what you report. The intent is quality not quantity. For example, if your encounter log indicates you saw four clients on a specific day and you are already doing a SOAP note on Mr. A, then your journal entry should report on specific objectives attained when seeing child B and a women’s health client C. Of course, it is always interesting to report on unusual opportunities to observe either clients seen by your preceptor or other clinical personnel or a specific procedure. Remember the HIPAA guidelines for maintaining patient privacy.

Type of assignment: Research paper

Subject: Nursing


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