community development practice

Choose two case studies of community development practice (drawn from any of the texts or from journal articles or other credible sources). One of the case studies should focus on community development in the Australian setting and the second should focus on community development in an international setting. Discuss these case studies using key concepts/principles underpinning community development. To do this you can draw on any of the material provided for the subject, and/or consult the literature more broadly. In particular, you may like to look at the material contained in those readings identified as Introductory Readings. You do not need to use all of the concepts covered in this material for your discussion, but rather should choose concepts, principles or ideas that you believe best illuminate and enhance your discussion of the case studies.

The goal of this assignment is to allow you to do two things:

1) To demonstrate that through your reading you have been able to identify and understand the key concepts and principles underpinning community development as a practice mode.

2) To demonstrate that you can use these key concepts and principles as a lens through which to consider and discuss case study examples of community development practice.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Sociology

Pages: 7/1925

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