Community health promotion report

Define obesity and outline the different categories of Body Mass Index (BMI) and how each category relates to the level of risk of chronic disease (suggested word count 150 words)

2. Discuss the impact of obesity in Australia on morbidity (illness) and mortality (death) in adults, providing recent information/statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and/or Australian Institute for Health and Welfare (suggested word count 200 words)

3. Explain how education level and family income impact on the risk of obesity, and give relevant Australian examples to illustrate your explanation (suggested word count 350 words)

4. Identify and describe a vulnerable sub-group of people in Australia where rates of obesity are higher than the general Australian population, and provide statistics (%) comparing rates of obesity in the vulnerable sub-group to rates of obesity in the general population (suggested word count 150 words)

Type of assignment: Report

Subject: Nursing

Pages: 5/1200

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