compare and contrast the main ways that society understands and defines crime and deviance.

Task question:

Task A: Presentation

You are to prepare PowerPoint presentation slides in which you compare and contrast the main ways that society understands and defines crime and deviance. You should limit your presentation to six PowerPoint slides accompanied by a maximum of 300 words of referenced notes. You will not be presenting your slides [AC1.1]

Answer guide:

Intro and context setting – e.g. something on fascination with/attitudes to crime and deviant behaviour; why is sociology interested in C&D

Definitions of deviance and crime – including a quote;

Something on norms and values – what are they, why exist, how do they relate to crime and deviance – what is their role. And something on agencies of social control – define them and name a couple of each; how they link to norms and values, what their role is

Sanctions – explain and define different types and provide examples

Defining crime and deviance – what are difficulties with defining deviance and defining crime?

Comparing crime with deviance – list some similarities and some differences, include examples. Talk about acts that are both, or one not the other (both ways) with examples

Your answer does not need to be in the order suggested above – you could deal with definitions of and comparisons between crime and deviance earlier than suggested above.

Remember, the information on your presentation slides should be brief, and in the form of bullet points – the guide to the content of presentation slides is 3 – 4 bullet points per slide and no more than 30 words maximum.

The summary is to enable you to fill in some of the detail, but do not present this in too much detail as you only have 300 words, plus 30 maximum. Make sure the summary matches the slides – so you could have headings in your summary – Slide 1; Slide 2 etc. Or, your headings could be the same as the heading ofr each slide.

Do not include anything about theories of crime and deviance – so, no functionalism, Marxism, interactionism etc

Use Moodle resources – these can be found under lesson 1. Crime and Deviance – the PowerPoint slides should be particularly helpful – but make sure if you use them that you do not copy them – put into your in your own words – make yours look different.

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Sociology
Pages/words: 2/500
Number of sources: 5
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: MLA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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