Conformity Documentary Assignment

After watching the documentary please answer the 4 questions below. The goal is to show me you’ve understood the topic and can explain and apply persuasion tactics/theories. Question and answer format (as below) is fine. I do not want an essay.

When you have completed the assignment use the link on moodle to submit it. It must be submitted as either a word or pdf document. It will not accept other formats.

  1. What compliance and/or obedience factors that we’ve discussed do you think contributed to the fast food restaurant employees following the orders given to them over the phone?
  • War tactics are constantly changing with technology.  Increasingly, air assaults are carried out by camera-guided missiles fired from remote-controlled drone aircraft. How do you think this makes the experience different from when soldiers fought face-to-face? (Make sure you use social psyc concepts in your answer.)
  • In the fall of 2013, some Canadian university orientations received attention when a YouTube video of students singing a chant promoting rape of underage women went viral.  Both male and female students were shown singing the chant. Given what we’ve talked about in class why would young women sing a chant promoting rape?
  • You are still trying to convince me to drop the last exam and just give you all 100% on the exam. Using one of the compliance techniques discussed (e.g., foot in door, door in face, etc) explain how you would use the technique to change my mind.

Type of assignment: Research paper

Subject: Psychology

Pages: 1/275

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