Consulting for Sparks and Crash Computer Company

The skilled assembly workers at CS are having a difficult time producing enough components to cover demand. The company does not want to hire more workers and insists that the current staff is adequate to do the job. You are asked to investigate and improve the productivity of the workers.

Upon inspection you note that workers are indeed “slow”, although there are really no defined goals for assembly or feedback for performance. The workers complain about the noise in the workspace, the crowding, and the frustration. This leads them to procrastinate and often bicker. The workers are also worried about their jobs, are primarily working for the money, and are “just trying to do the best they can”. Clearly, something has to change to improve this situation.

Your objective is to write a proposal for SC Co. to define the problem and describe an intervention that would help address the issue.

Answer the following points in your proposal.
Define the problem as you see it.
Select at least three (3) concepts/theories from this week’s reading to address the problem.
Briefly describe the concepts/theories and how they help to understand and explain the problem.
Compose an intervention for the problem from the concepts/theories and describe what you would do.
Predict, given the same concepts/theories, the outcome of your intervention.

Type of assignment: Case study

Subject: Business

Pages: 3/825

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