Contemporary uses of digital technologies in education

In this assignment, you are required to research a contemporary educational technology that is relevant to your interests as an educator. Critically analyse and evaluate this resource demonstrating your knowledge of educational technology’s quality, implementation, ethics, safety, and privacy as discussed in this unit. Write an 1800 – 2200 word report on its effectiveness drawing evidence from literature.

Assessment criteria:

Presents a clear description of the educational technology (type of technology, learning context, intended audience, specific learning goals, etc.); evaluates and critiques the quality of the educational technology drawing from appropriate teaching and learning frameworks (40%)

Discusses and evaluates the implementation(s) of the educational technology drawing from appropriate teaching frameworks; evaluates the educational technology regarding safety, privacy, and ethics (40%)

Creatively suggests suitable improvements or alternative designs using evidence from the literature and strategies from appropriate teaching and learning frameworks; demonstrates appropriate academic writing, APA referencing, grammar, and punctuation (20%)

Type of assignment: Report

Subject: Education

Pages: 6/1650

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