corporate governance and finance

For the assessment, you are required to conduct a critical comparison of the corporate governance practices for two comparable FTSE companies (in this case HSBC and Barclays). You will need to collect and analyse data on each company from various online sources (i.e. FAME, Annual reports, FT etc.) in respect of the following areas:

i)Board demographics (e.g. board size, composition, skill base, diversity (i.e. ethnicity, gender etc.))
ii)Board processes and functionality (e.g. no. of board meetings etc.)
iii)Board risk management approach (e.g. risk management framework etc.)
iv)Ownership structure (e.g. degree of concentration/diffusion, categories of shareholders)
v)Voting rights (e.g. voting power attached with shares)
vi)Corporate Strategy (e.g. focus on a limited number of core competences or diversification)

Type of assignment: Report

Subject: Business

Pages: 10/2500

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