Creative Problem Solving Group project

You and your assigned teammates will produce a video dealing with a problem in a company, industry or the society. The video shall include the problem presentation, the company/industry/society it is related, and much be solved by using content taught in the class from at least: two creative problem-solving techniques,

one a creative problem-solving method/technique/framework,

one diagramming technique

one philosopher (the adaptation his work in solving the problem creatively).

Specifically, as a team, you will—

Propose a topic related to a contemporary problem in our global business and society environment. Topics are not assigned so that you can be creative and focus on an issue that is of interest to your group. Your topic must be approved by the professor.

You shall use the course materials AND external research to gain a solid understanding of the issue, considering all sides of any disputes that might be involved in that issue.

Create a 5 to 8 minute video that presents information about the topic to the viewing audience.

Create a scenario document with the video scenes (in sections, not scene by scene). The document shall be well formatted as a short report.

All students shall appear in the video for at least half of its duration.

Type of assignment: Powerpoint presentation

Subject: Philosophy

Pages: 8/1200

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