Topic: criminal responsibility essay

Task 1
Problem Scenario Answer – 1000 words

Bobby visits his local store to complete his weekly shopping. He takes a bottle of wine from the shelf and places it in the store’s wine container. He intends to find a lower price tag and substitute it for the price tag on the bottle of wine but fearing he is being watched by the store detective, puts the wine back on the shelf. He does, however, swap price tags on a bottle of brandy, which he puts in the container; but when he comes to pay for it at the checkout point, the cashier Sharon notices the discrepancy and Bobby pays the correct amount.
Sharon, instead of ringing up the money on her till as she is required to do, simply places it in her till, as she intends to take it for herself at the end of her shift.

Dani, another cashier, in breach of the store’s instructions, had taken a £20 note from her till, as she needed the money to pay her hairdresser. She paid another £20 note into the till the day after.

Discuss the criminal responsibility of Bobby, Sharon and Dani.
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