Topic: Data analytics & Power BI accounting research paper

DATA Analytics & Power BI – ACCT 380

Data Analytics is becoming more and more prevalent in the workforce, and we as accountants are using the power of Data Analytics to transform data into information. This information can be used to tell stories about a business and drive decisions for owners, lenders, and other stakeholders. Times are changing and accountants are no longer the number crunchers of prior years. We have transformed to become business partners, leaders, and story tellers driving forward progress in companies and the general public.


Learners may work alone or with a partner for this assignment. If you work with a partner, you only submit one set of answers.

In Brightspace you will find the files required to complete the assignment.


Part A (2%)

Export your Power BI work to PDF and submit to your instructor.

Part B (3%)

Reflect, research, and prepare a 1,000-word paper (approximately) that examines the following:

Personal reflection – how do you feel about using/learning Power BI?
How is Power BI changing the accounting industry? Hint: Good idea to research and site at least two articles.

Part A – we are going to work on Part A during your Quiz #2 reflection class (March 25th or 26th – depending on your section). Please make sure attend.

Downloading PowerBI

PowerBI can be downloaded from the following link:

Please use your SAIT credentials to login for free.

Note: PowerBI only works with Windows devices. Windows is the expected platform per SAIT School of Business BYOD policy. However, it is understood that certain individuals may not have access to a Windows device at this time, which is why the assignment may be completed with a partner. It is expected that all members contribute equally to their team assignment and find ways to contribute if they are unable to directly help in PowerBI.

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Research paper
Subject: Accounting
Pages/words: 4/1000
Number of sources: 5
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: CA English

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