Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller summary

Willy Loman is a salesman who lives in New York City in the year 1940s. He is married to Linda his wife for the last twenty-five years and they are blessed with two sons Biff and Happy.

Willy arrives home from a business trip and he seems to have had problems with driving, from driving on the wrong side of the road to running into red lights and stopping at green lights.

He engages in a lot of monologues and this worries Linda so much. He arrives home showing concern on the progress of his sons. Happy has a stable job and lives in his apartment while Biff does not make much money and rambles from job to job.

Willy has been demoted from his place of work from a salaried employee to a commission-based employee. This issue has stressed him so much that he contemplates suicide. He plays cards with Charley his friend while his mind is far away from trying to figure out how Bernard his late brother made fortune in Africa and died a rich man.

The boys Happy and Biff decide to take a loan to start a business so that they are close to their dad to monitor him in case he wants to commit suicide. Willy approaches his boss Howard and requests him to allow him to be the floor salesman in the store instead of a traveling salesman, His boss declines his offer and Willy yells at him. He later fires Willy from the company.

The boys go to the restaurant to meet their dad for celebration but instead find their dad more frustrated and leave him alone. Willy decides to commit suicide to leave his wealth to his sons. Willy has lived a life full of lies. The insurance pays his house last installment and Linda gets the house to live in without debt and with no husband to share with.

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