Describe the five segment criteria for a B2B product

According to Lamb et al. (2018), businesses sell their products and services based on four categories of business which include [1] “producers (businesses or individuals that purchase a product to produce final products and services for profit), [2] resellers (retailers and wholesalers), [3] government, and [4] institutions (i.e., schools, churches, hospitals, clubs, foundations, and nonprofits)” (p.152).

Lamb, C. W., Hair, J. F., & McDaniel, C. (2018). MKTG12: Principles of marketing (12th ed.). Cengage.

Segmentation of a business-to-business (B2B) product is done similarly to consumer market segmentation. There are five segmentation criteria for a B2B product just as there are for consumer markets. These criteria include:

Measurable: Have measurable information about the segment (e.g., size, discretionary income, etc.).

Substantial: The segment must be large enough to warrant separate segmentation.

Accessible: The company must be able to reach the segment.

Distinguishable: The segment must act differently and respond differently than other segments.

Actionable: The company must be able to implement the target marketing mix (see the 4 Ps learning activity).

For this assignment, you will apply these five segmentation criteria addressing the following checklist items.

• Choose a B2B product that you find on the Internet (examples may be business software, printers, cell phones for business usage, company cars, etc.).
• Describe the category of business and the five segmentation criteria as they apply to this B2B product.

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