Design Thinking’ Report

The individual assignment requires you to synthesise and evaluate trends and needs in the market to design creative and innovative value-added marketing solutions. It assesses your ability to analyse marketing problems, develop critical thinking and apply insights to offer solutions. It supports your employability by promoting engagement and global outlook in consumer trends, enhancing your innovative thinking and problem solving skills.

On successful completion of this assessment you should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of complex marketing issues and develop the skills necessary for creative and innovative solutions to marketing problems
  2. Identify market insights and trends that provide added-value marketing decisions and to assess implementation of such decisions
  3. Synthesise a variety of approaches in decision making and problem solving to develop creative and innovative marketing solutions
  4. Develop critical thinking and formulate cross disciplinary connections across marketing and creativity contexts to improve marketing processes

As the marketing director at a consultancy agency, you develop creative marketing solutions for clients. You have recently been approached by a start-up company who design apps, Tempus®, to advise them on their new project. Your client has done marketing research and is confident that the new project of a productivity app has great potential in the market. Your task is to design a concept for a productivity app for university students applying design thinking. See Concept Design Brief for Tempus with full details (see page 3).

Write a consulting report addressed to the CEO of Tempus proposing your app concept and discuss how you applied design thinking with details. Your application should consider implementing data and integrating user insights into your discussion to justify your approach and decisions around your concept.

In your discussion, you should cover the below points as a minimum, however you are not limited to, in providing the client concept solutions for the productivity app:

  1. How would you demonstrate and critically discuss the relationship between Creativity & Innovation and your core problem solving method of Design thinking? You should support this by using reflective experiences of your creativity and innovation knowledge and practices in this module.
  • Apply design thinking to offer a concept solution for the client’s app. You should explicitly follow and discuss the 4 modes with relevant details. Discover- Engage with market research, Gather insights, Develop your persona(s) and user journey map, Define- Identify the problem statement, Create- Ideate and Test, Evaluate- Evaluate solution.
  • How would you review the performance of your creative problem solving as a consultant for the client and the impact of the concept solution you propose for Tempus? You may use reflection on your creativity and innovation experience to support your arguments in demonstrating the effectiveness of your approach to problem solving.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Marketing

Pages: 11/3000

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