Topic: Developmental and life course criminology criminal justice essay

Task Description: Each week (starting in Week 2), students can choose to submit a one page reading engagement document (200 words). Note: I will allow a 10% leeway either side of 200 words.
Requirements: The student should identify 2 (two) things in the reading(s) for the week that were interesting, confronting, or surprising—in other words, two things the student learned from or found engaging in the reading(s). These can be in numbered bullet points and only need to be a few sentences each (around 100 words each). Importantly, the student should not simply summarise the points but should explain what makes them interesting, confronting, or surprising. 
Please note: if there are two readings, you must respond to both articles (e.g., one point from each reading).
And this task has two readings which means 100 word for each article.
A reference list is not required unless you are referring to a source other than the weekly reading/s.
Weekly submissions are due via TurnItIn  before the week’s class/online session. The weekly assignment should cover the readings for that week. For example, Week 4 readings should be submitted on the Monday before the Week 4 class/online session, not the following week. If there are two readings, you must respond to both articles (e.g.,  you can either discuss one point from each reading (this is often the simplest way of doing it) or otherwise compare and contrast the two readings across your two points).

An example ‘interesting point’ is/was provided in the Week 1 online tutorial slides/notes.
Criteria & Marking: 

  1. Does the student identify 2 things she/he learned from or found interesting in the weekly reading(s)? (2 marks — 1 mark for each point)
  2. Does the student explain what makes these 2 things interesting, confronting, or surprising? In other words, demonstrate thoughtful and critical engagement with the reading(s). (3 marks– 1.5 marks for each point)
  3. On balance, the summary points should reflect that the student read, understood and critically engaged with the material. The reading engagement submissions should be well-written and easy to read (i.e., appropriate use of language, spelling, grammar and punctuation, meets word limit). Each ‘interesting’ point is marked out of 2.5, for a total mark out of 5.

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Criminal justice
Pages/words: 1/275
Number of sources: 10
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: AU English

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