Digital Marketing Audit

Analyse the website and social media of a company of your choice from restaurant industry. Apply appropriate theory of website design and social media marketing in your analysis.

You should include the following sections:

1. Short introduction to your restaurant brand (200 words)
2. Target Audience of the restaurant brand (100 words)
3. Analysis of the restaurant brand website, apply appropriate theory (700 words)
4. Analysis of the restaurant brand Social Media Marketing activity (only one platform of Social Media), apply appropriate theory (700 words)
5. Recommendations for improvement of Website Design and Social Media activity (300 words)

Criteria for assessment

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

LO1 Discuss the evolution of digital marketing, making references to lessons from traditional marketing theory.

LO2 Evaluate digital tools available for marketing.

LO4 Investigate digital marketing strategies.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Marketing

Pages: 8/2200

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