Education report paper

Part 1: Consider an educational provision and profession that you might be interested in working in and explain why the provision and profession interests you.
Discuss the history of the educational provision, role, function and the impact within the education sector in the past 20 years.
Consider the challenges and debates the profession has encountered over the past 20 years.
Please note, this is just a suggested outline of how your essay could like.
Introduction (Approx. 100-150 Iwords)
Start your assignment by stating which is the educational provision (alternative provision, SEN school, volunteering sector, mainstream school etc) that you will be discussing. Please consider the history, role, function, impact of the provision within the education sector.
In addition, state the profession that you have chosen and the challenges and debates the profession has encountered in the last 20 years.
It is important to summarize what the assignment will be discussing so maybe you can leave the introduction last.
Main (Approx. 1700-1800 words)

Type of assignment: report

Subject: Education


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