Employee Resourcing essay

You are assessed via a case study based project, which requires you to design an employee resourcing strategy for an organisation of your choice. The assignment involves three types of activities: (1) identifying analysing and evaluating theoretical perspectives in relation to employee resourcing; (2) recognising the implications of employee resourcing within organisations; (3) evaluating and justifying these implications in the light of relevant literature and research.

it is very important you see the added material it includes everything that needs to be done for this report- please include real life examples of organisations/companys to further argument.

Briefly outline the key employee resourcing issues for your chosen organisation. (pick an organisation)
You should focus on 2-3 critical resourcing challenges, which you consider are a priority for the organisation at this time. (N.B. This task is worth 20% of the final mark and you should allocate @400 words)

2. Recommend an appropriate employee resourcing strategy for your organisation.

In doing so, you must include supporting evidence to justify your recommended resourcing strategy. (N.B. This task is worth 80% of the final mark and you should

allocate @1600 words)

Type of assignment:Report

subject: Management

Pages: 8/2200

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