Enhancing organisational learning from projects

Over the years, there has been a shift in emphasis in research into project management, from focusing on the management of the individual project to focusing on creating an environment in which projects can thrive. Projects generate a great deal of tacit project knowledge, which is a product of experience, innovative problem solving and insights. The challenge lies in capturing and reusing generated knowledge, given the complexity, uniqueness and relatively self-contained nature of projects.

The term paper should reflect on knowledge management processes and common knowledge boundaries between projects or programs and/or between project work and business as usual. You can choose a public or private project-based organization to identify the challenges and opportunities for learning from projects and come up with recommendations for overcoming knowledge barriers to boost collaboration and learning.

In particular, your paper should demonstrate:
• Knowledge of relevant Knowledge Management theories covered in the lectures and supported by independent reading within and beyond the list of suggested references.
• Understanding of specifics of project-based environments.
• Insights into practical applications – e.g. use of facts and practical examples to illustrate your arguments.
• Academic objectivity and a well-argued approach to the subject matter.
• Creativity in structuring your ideas.

Assessment Criteria
The assessment criteria are those set in the course handbook for all term papers. Please refer to the handbook for the detailed description of each criterion.

Paper Structure
– Introduction
– Main body
– Conclusions and recommendations
– Reference list (not included in word count)
– Appendix (optional, and not included in the word count)

Type of assignment: Term paper

Subject: Business

Pages: 11/3000

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