Topic: Essay of resource management economics

Essay option
A 2,000 word essay on one of the topics below:
The United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said ‘the state of the planet is broken …
climate policies have yet to rise to the challenge. Emissions are 62% higher now than when international climate negotiations began in 1990.’ Explain the main approaches available to government to reduce carbon emissions, and the relative effectiveness and efficiency of these methods for reducing carbon emissions.
‘We have used more natural resources than we had 30 years ago and now have more left over than we started with’. Critically discuss the approach to sustainable resource use characterized by assessing the known supplies of essential key resources and the rate at which these resources are currently being used, and from this information, drawing implications for future resource availability and future economic growth.
Feeding the rapidly growing population will be a major challenge over the next 30 years. Explain the actions by governments around the world that are likely to ensure everybody is fed well in the future?
The aim of the essay is for the students to demonstrate first, that they can write a good standard, final year University level essay. In the essay students will demonstrate that they understand relevant economic theory and how it can be applied to a real world resource economics issue/problem.
Students are to use relevant literature to support claims that are made about theory and practice. The key is to build an argument on a foundation of theory and supported by real world examples and evidence. To approach this task, you are to set out the economic theory and literature relevant to
solving or reducing the issue/problem. Then the evidence from the real world is used to make an argument for particular approaches to solutions to the issue/problem, and conclusions are drawn. In sum: first set out the economic theory, then detail the practical situation of interest using examples and evidence, then combine theory and practice into a case for an action or set of actions (policy).
Marking Criteria
We make no attempt to provide further rules or requirements aligned with marks as the
components of the essay are assessed as a whole rather than the sum of the parts.
In assigning a mark we consider the following criteria:
• Evidence of logical thought
• Evidence of understanding the theory and how it applies to the topic explored
• Evidence of research and the ability to relate it to the topic.
• Quality of the writing (style, grammar and spelling) – make sure you proof-read it carefully.
In summary, you need to produce a coherent argument using words, charts/tables (if necessary) drawing on theory, using evidence, applying logic and using correct grammar and clear expression to argue and justify your results and findings. Lastly, poor spelling and expression will be penalized very heavily. Using jargon, clichés, compound nouns, passive speech, long sentences, waffle are very serious crimes against the English language and will be penalized accordingly.

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Economics
Pages/words: 8/2000
Number of sources: 1
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: MLA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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