Ethical case analysis

Ethical case analysis is a common exercise for identifying and reasoning about ethical challenges in complex situations. In this assignment, you will analyze a situation from your experience to identify an issue in health care ethics, clarify the moral values that are at stake in the case, and consider what was done and/or what could be done to ethically resolve or manage the issue.

Your essay should include the following.

1. A concise introductory summary of the issue mapping out the case presentation.

2. A description of the facts of the case including all relevant health care information, the stakeholders and their interests in the case, and elements of the social and cultural context that bear on the case. (You can of course anonymize some of these facts as necessary to protect confidentiality.)

3. A discussion of the underlying moral values, virtues, rights and duties of stakeholders, and moral consequences associated with the issue.

4. An evaluation of the possible responses to the issue, concluding with an explanation of which response you think is best and why.

Where necessary, your discussion of points 3 and 4 above should be supported with citations to relevant sources. You can use either the textbook, or other sources for this – but provide full citations in either case. (See syllabus for information on what constitutes a full citation.) For example, if you wanted to use the doctrine of double effect to make an argument that justified administering opiods to a terminally ill patient for pain management even though it would likely shorten the life of the patient, you should use the textbook to help explain the doctrine clearly and then cite is as a source. If in doubt, err on the side of citation.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Healthcare

Pages: 3/825

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