Ethical Reasoning for a physiotherapy case study

Identify a clinical situation to which you can apply ethical reasoning.

Where/When is/was the situation?

Ideally, this situation occurs in the context of placement,

You are not permitted to use a situation in which you have an enormous personal stake in the matter, such as if the patient was yourself, or someone very close to you.

What/Who was involved?

It can be anything where the decision was difficult, or one person’s action caused another person to feel uneasy or question what was right. The key people involved should be yourself, one or more physiotherapists, patients, or other people associated with the health care context.

General expectations – Length and structure:

Use sentence/paragraph structure, recommended to be in succinct, short paragraphs. There is no absolute length limit; you are recommended simply to ensure you have the required elements and then just keep your paragraphs as succinct as possible.

You do not need to cite ethics articles for your ideas unless you wish to directly quote one of them. However, you should certainly cite (and therefore have a reference list for) any codes, standards, rules or laws that you include as relevant to your analysis.

Type of assignment: Coursework

Subject: Healthcare

Pages: 10/2750

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