Topic: Ethics in Healthcare in the UK sociology report

Assignment Brief:
You are to create an ethics handbook for future medical practitioners. As it is for practising medics,
it needs to be detailed and informative as well as easy to understand and visually appealing for
your audience.
You need to identify and describe some key ethical principles within moral philosophy (LO1.1)
You are to choose two controversial issues. For each issue, you must clearly identify the cause of
controversy. You should highlight the different sides of the argument, with evidence. For example,
abortion is a controversial issue. There are pro-life campaigners arguing that abortion is wrong, and
there are pro-choice campaigners that argue that it should be the woman’s choice. Each side has
justification for their opinions and you should highlight these (LO’s 1.2, 2,1 & 2.2).
Then you need to explore how moral philosophies would deal with the controversial issues you have
chosen. You need to apply different theories to explore how they would judge the issue and how they
would answer the question of whether an action is moral or not. You must give a detailed explanation
of what the theory is before you apply it. Remember you are informing medical practitioners about
the theories they will be using to make difficult decisions in their jobs (LO’s 1.2, 2,1 & 2.2).
You can use the following controversial issues, or others of your choice;

  1. The ability to force sterilise a person that lacks the capacity to understand.
  2. The ability to allow or deny abortion
  3. The right for people to die when they choose.
  4. The ability to deny someone treatment due to cost.
  5. DNR and end of life care
    (LO’s 1.2, 2,1 & 2.2)
    You are then to describe the rights of patients, and highlight the moral theories that have influenced
    the development of those rights. Discuss when a patient’s rights can be denied and highlight how
    those denials have been influenced by moral theory (LO3.1)
    Finally, you should include a section to medics that informs them of their general responsibilities (to
    themselves, to others medics and to their patient) and explain how those responsibilities are
    underpinned by ethical theory (LO3.2).

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Report
Subject: Sociology
Pages/words: 5/2500
Number of sources: 5
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: Harvard
Line spacing: Single
Language style: UK English

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