This assignment requires you to conduct an “ethnography of communication” research. Interview the oldest member of your family (or your oldest friend) whom you can contact. Then answer the following questions:

• When did your (or your friend’s) ancestors come to the United States?

• Where did they come from?

• What language(s) did they speak?

• What were their occupation before they came, and what jobs did they take on their arrival?

• How has your family’s status changed through generations?• What question might be important for you to find your cultural roots? (Add one more question.)

• What characterizes their original culture? (Consider high context-low context, fast and slow messages, information flow, uncertainty avoidance, high territoriality-low territoriality, multisensory spatial experiences, past and future orientation, tempo-rhythm-synchrony, and importance of proper timing.)

• How they saved their cultural communication practices?

This will be a formal paper with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Type of assignment: coursework

Subject: sociology


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