Explain the three main theories of international relations

Answer 4 of the  of the following with an essay of 200-300 words for each. Shorter or longer essays will lose credit.   Be clear, concise, and provide facts and examples from sources to back up your answers.   No quotes.  

  1. Explain the three main theories of international relations.   Which do you think is most useful in helping you understand the topic of your research paper?   Why?   
  2. What role does power distribution play in the international community?   Consider such things as polarity and alliances.   How does this impact your research topic?      
  3. Explain the six ideas and interests, which relate to conflict in the international system.   What is the difference between ideas and interests when it comes to conflict?   Which of these play a part in your research topic and how?      
  4. Explain the levels of analysis.   How would you apply them to your research topic?

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Nursing

Pages: 4/1100

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