Feasibility Study technology essay

You are required to produce a digital infographic poster which examines the feasibility of developing a Start-up Enterprise of your choice.

Furthermore, you MUST make specific reference to the following areas:

  1. Provide a clear insight into your business concept and how your enterprise will generate income.
  • Based on the above: Provide a critique of the key external factors that influence your customer demand. In particular, provide a critique of past, present and future trend analysis of these market factors.
  • Based on the above: Provide an evaluation of the key characteristics of your target audience. Provide numerical data to demonstrate an appreciation of the potential customer demand. Provide a clear connection between the external market factors influencing demand and how these relate to your target audience characteristics.
  • Based on the above: Identify your choice of location/channel to sell your product/service. Provide a clear connection between: external factors influencing demand; your target audience characteristics and your choice of location/channel.

Type of assignment: Project

Subject: Technology

Pages: 1/275

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