Topic: Finance for Managers

Finance for Managers
The word count is 1,200 words with a 10% margin.
You must compute the ratios yourself rather use than the ones provided and they MUST be calculated as I have shown in the file below . You must include the workings.
The ratios you need to calculate are included below. It is these you must calculate. You will not gain any marks for other ratios and will lose marks if you do not calculate these.

Most of the data you will need will be provided in the income statement and statement of financial position in the accounts you have retrieved. You also need end of year market price and number of shares outstanding and these can be accessed by clicking on stock data and then Annual stock data (see below). You need this data to compute the following ratios:

Calculating appropriate accounting ratios prepare a report analysing the performance of and comparing the performance of the company over the last 2 years under the following headings :
Working capital management,
Solvency & risk,
Shareholder return,
Overall financial performance.

Please provide the spreadsheet in an appendix, the accounting ratios you have calculated and a reference section.

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