Topic: Financial ratio analysis coursework assignment

  1. Analysis (50%):

    • Discussion of appropriate business factors which potentially explain the movements and comparisons identified.

    • Makes appropriate use of the ROCE tree for profitability and efficiency ratios.

    • Makes appropriate references to conventional target values (of liquidity and stability ratios).

    • Makes appropriate references to industry averages for 2033

    • Provides linkages between ratios.

    • No errors and no irrelevant material provided.

    • Demonstrates an understanding of the limitations of the analysis.

    Analyze only 8ratio but ROCE is compulsory ( profitability, efficiency, liquidity,stability)

5. Commercial awareness (10%):

• Includes appropriate reference to decisions made during the business simulation, commenting on the impact that those decisions have had on the business’ financial positon and performance.

• Includes appropriate recommended actions aimed at improving the business’ future financial performance and financial position.

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