Topic: FinTech finance QUESTIONS essay

Assessment task details and instructions
You are required to answer all these three questions. All reading material is
available in the list of readings. You can find in brackets the weight allocated to each answer and a suggestion for word count.

  1. Read the Greater Manchester FinTech Ecosystem Report 2020.
    Identify and discuss the key arguments in the “Availability of Talent” chapter and explain what “talent shortage” means in management practice. How is the talent shortage being tackled by the ecosystem in the North West of England?
    You are expected to provide at least two examples from real actions taken to improve access to work in FinTech in the North West.
    You are expected to use 1)material from the course, 2) your own research and 3) your experiences and other modules in the programme.
    [25%, 500 words]
  2. Provide two examples of digital disruption in the banking industry. You are expected to give evidence of the effect of the disruptors you have chosen on better value for clients. Then, answer the following two questions:
    2.1 Discuss the complex challenges traditional financial institutions face as they digitally transform into nimble, digitally-enabled operations and analyse how are incumbents reacting to disruptors.
    2.2 How are security and ethical compliances being addressed by the disruptors and the incumbents in the examples?
    Note: you should evaluate the amount of information available before deciding which examples to use. Published company accounts and websites could be a starting point to be complemented by daily journals such as FT, the Economist, or other news agencies such as Bloombergs or Reuters. It is convenient to triangulate the information.
    [40%, 1500 words]
  3. Discuss critically your appreciation of the societal impact of FinTech
    developments and expansion in the context of Sustainable Finance, with a focus on Bitcoin. Is this topic important in contemporary business? Your views should be supported by academic literature. You should read the following documents and comment on them.
    a) Read section 3.4 “The social Value of FinTech” in Erturk, I., & Zammit-Lucia, J. (2020, Dec 1). Building Digital Finance in Europe: FinTech for Social Value.
    Radix Centre for Business, Politics and Society.
    Assessment Information/Brief/Fintech2021/AA
    b) Read section 74 and 75 “Emerging trends and policy issues” in IMF World Bank Group, (2019, May 17) Fintech: the experience so far.
    You are expected to carry out further research on the topic and reference any papers that you find relevant.
    [35%, 1000 words]
    The following criteria will be taken into consideration when marking your assignment:
    • The organisation and the structure in presenting the key arguments in
    answering the questions above, 10%
    • Critical analysis of the articles and research using your own ideas and
    experiences in answering the questions above, 50%
    • The relevance of the real-life example or examples chosen to evidence your understanding of the topics in the questions above, 30%
    • Presentational qualities of your paper- citation, bibliography, paragraphing, spacing, spelling, quotations etc.10%
    You are adviced to read and reflect upon the University’s standard grade
    This is the advice about the presentation of the report:
    ▪ Front page should include a title, your student number and the reference to the module. The title of the file for submission is your student number.
    ▪ Text – 12 points of Times New Roman and justified within margins. Margins –approximately 2cm
    ▪ Use italics only when you wish to emphasise a statement or citation.
    ▪ Use underscores sparingly and only if they improve the readability of the text.
    ▪ If you use references, use the reference style and format as in a published book or article
    ▪ Use figures and examples to illustrate your work. Original figures are preferred.
    Figures may be drawn using applications such MS Power Point, Excel, and then inserted into the Word document.
    ▪ You are required to follow the Harvard APA 6th edition referencing style for in-text citations and the list of references. The list of references is not included in the word count.

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Finance
Pages/words: 11/3025
Number of sources: 15
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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