From the consciousness of self : William James.

Below are the questions for this assignment.

Questions should be answered in essay form and at least 1 page.

All questions should be answer in one document.

Article in the book: From the consciousness of self : William James.

PDF below
Part 1 pages 25-40

Part 2 pages 41-70

Assignment #1 What was James referring to when he stated “…a man’s self is the sum total of all that he can call his..?” Explain a) the material self, b) the social self, c) the spiritual self and d) the pure ego.

Assignment #2 – post a minimum of 1 discussion. The discussion is the opportunity for the class to engage in a dialog about the subject we are working on. you can use the assignment questions as a jumping off point but do not repost your assignment here.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: psychology

Pages: 2/550

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