Topic: GLOBAL BRAND MANAGEMENT marketing coursework assignment


As part of this increasing importance of international markets for the long term success of Mackie’s, the company has hired you to develop their brand expansion strategy to China. Using the information already provided in the case study as a starting point, you will also need to conduct your own research** (which should be mainly based on journal papers and databases) to further enhance your knowledge about the company and the Chinese market. You will then need to perform the following tasks:

1. Debate and justify why (and if) the Chinese market is indeed the most appropriate target market for Mackie’s expansion into the international marketplace. A PEST and situational analysis will need to be performed to aid your discussion.

Is the Chinese market the most appropriate for Mackie’s? If so, why?
1) Look at Chinese market for similar products, look at expansion into a Chinese market and how this can be managed, consider issues that may arise.
PEST and situational analysis to do this.- this will help to understand the organization.

2. Evaluate and propose appropriate global brand strategies to competitively position Mackies branded, ice cream products to the Chinese market. Consider various brand channels and brand touch-points, and how your brand differentiates itself from competitors, justify key target demographics and typical customer persona.

Define global brand strategies, identify 2- 3- evaluate the strategies ( strength and weaknesses) and state which would be best to position Mackies ice cream in China.
When doing this you should also think about brand channels ( i.e. advertising, social media) brand touch point, target demographics and customer persona

I,e in China Mackie’s should advertise through TV ads because …..they should focus on the quality of the product because, they can state they are different , from competitors because they are based in Scotland and all ice cream is organic, they should focus on housewives with children because they will buy this product ( evidence)

3. Discuss the brand communication strategy that you will apply in order to achieve strong brand awareness for Mackie’s ice creams only in the Chinese market.

Brand communication strategy- which one and why? To achieve strong brand awareness…

What you do and how do you communicate this?

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Type of assignment: Coursework
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