Topic: global marketing at Zara

Your task:

  1. If you were head of global marketing at Zara would you be concerned about Shein?
    Explain why or why not using any of the tools, models and concepts covered in the
    module to support your argument.
  2. Explain in broad terms what you would do in response to any perceived threat from
    ultracheap competition from Shein and the other Chinese brands mentioned in the
    You may make any reasonable assumptions, and you may carry out any independent
    research that you wish, but everything should be your own work.
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    Assessment criteria for Coursework 2:
    Criterion Weighting
  3. Quality of analysis: How well has the student analysed the company,
    competitors and operating environment using and referring to relevant models,
    theories and tools?
  4. Development of strategic options, selection of preferred option: the range,
    quality and appropriateness of options suggested. How well did the student
    explain and evaluate the different options? How convincing was the argument
    for the chosen option?
  5. Clarity of writing: Did the student explain her/himself clearly? Were analysis
    and arguments easy to follow? Was it too brief, or too verbose, or repetitive?
    Marks will not necessarily be deducted for poor grammar, spelling or use of
    English (this is not a language assessment) – it is communication and the ability
    to be understood that matters
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