Topic: Happiness at Hitachi marketing casestudy


Sensing (and Monetizing) Happiness at Hitachi Read the case study. This course has been based on the practical application of data analytics on Workforce. This case offers a new way of data collection not now available. CASE-HITACHI.pdf

Sections of Paper:

Introduction. A narrative describing the purpose of the paper.

Case Summary. A narrative giving a brief summary of the case.

Relate the Case with the Course. A narrative explaining how the case ties into the course.

Analysis Area 1. A narrative discussing whether this would be a viable mechanism for collecting employee data.

Analysis Area 2. A narrative explaining how this data could be used for meeting business strategy.

Analysis Area 3. A narrative with a critical analysis of ethical concerns that this type of data collection and analytics may have.

Analysis Area 4. A narrative identifying legal issues that may arise with this type of data collection and analytics (both U.S. and Internationally)

Conclusion. A narrative with a summary of your paper and your thoughts.

Use APA Style to correctly cite course materials in developing your answer (readings, videos, and discussion boards). You may cite outside the course materials as secondary sources.

Type of assignment: Term paper

Subject: Marketing

Pages: 6/1650

Style: APA

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