The beginning of an essay is very vital since it can either impress or depress the reader, therefore it is required that you start with an eye-catching sentence. Give plenty of time to the question asked. It might want answers to causes or effects of an event or occasion, or requires you to agree or disagree with a statement, or describe and analyze an occasion or event.

All the answers can be achieved by creating a written plan that will enable you to brainstorm and write down your thoughts and ideas. After you have written down your ideas begin your research backed up with facts and evidence.

After the completion of research, creates an essay structure that includes an introduction, body paragraph, and a conclusion. The structure should not be complicated. The paragraph should be organized and flows smoothly and follows a logical sequence.

Begin your draft by giving the context of the question, answer the question, address your contention, and explain the final response. 

The introduction should not be full of stories but rather be clear, confident, and punchy. Get direct to the point without wasting a lot of time. A good history essay has paragraphs that contain words between a hundred to two hundred words which are sometimes referred to as mini-essays.

Each point or idea is explained in a paragraph through explanation, analysis, or evidence or even in a quotation form. Target to finish with an effective conclusion in the final paragraph. Reinstating the contention of the essay and with a polished ending. 

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